Recommended System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10
Windows 11
RAM8GB or more
Hard Disk Space1GB or more
Screen ResolutionXVGA [1440x900] or higher resolution monitor with 16-bit colour. 
For information on changing your Display Settings click here
Internet connectionRequired on activation and a minimum of once every 30 days to validate subscription.

Note: It’s important that the latest windows updates have been installed and that everything is up-to-date on your PC or laptop. Cashflow Manager solutions are not designed for installation on terminal servers, or similar environments. 

Apple users

Apple Mac users are recommended to make use of Parallels, VMware Fusion or Bootcamp applications to install and run Cashflow Manager software on an iOS system. 

For more information on how to run Cashflow Manager on an Apple Mac click here.

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