How Do I Run Cashflow Manager on an Apple Mac?

How Do I Run Cashflow Manager on an Apple Mac?

Cashflow Manager is a Windows-based program. However, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and iMac computers can run the Windows PC platform via the following two methods.

Option 1: For the budget-conscious:

Using software called “Boot Camp”, which can be downloaded for free from the Apple website or it may come pre-installed.

After installing “Boot Camp” you can create a 2nd partition on the hard drive in which you can install Microsoft Windows 10 or 11. After re-booting into the Microsoft 10 or 11 partition, install the Cashflow Manager software on the Windows partition. You will then need to boot into this partition each time you want to use your Cashflow Manager software.


Please note: Mac computers with the M1 or M2 processors no longer support Bootcamp, you will need to purchase Parallels.

Option 2: For ultimate convenience:

Purchase and install software called “Parallels” or 'VMware Fusion'. 

Once this software is installed, you can install either Microsoft Windows 10 or 11. Then simply install the Cashflow Manager software in the virtual Windows environment.

This program can be placed in the program dock (similar to any other Mac program) and opened at any time while working within a Mac environment. The user can toggle between the two platforms (Mac or Windows) when necessary.


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